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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement


When it comes to home improvement, your roofing system is one of the most important investments you can make. Whether your roof is old, damaged, or simply outdated, a quality roof replacement can not only add strength and protection for your home, but can also increase its curb appeal.

At P.D.S Home Improvements, we take pride in our roofing services. Our roof replacements are performed by the best installers in the industry and are backed by our limited lifetime warranty. That means if anything ever goes wrong with your roof, we’ll take full responsibility and make it right. No matter what your reason for a roof replacement is, you can count on us to help you choose the best option that fits your budget and complements your home’s design.

Affordable Roof Replacement

The Benefits of Roof Replacement
P.D.S Home Improvements recommends replacing your roof proactively as the roofing material nears the end of life as opposed to replacing it in response to a problem. Doing so will save you money over time, and a new roof delivers a high return on an investment relative to other home improvement projects. Real estate agents often recommend new roofs as sellers can even turn a profit on them and they lead to selling the home much faster. Roof replacement is also an excellent option if you’ll continue living in the home as it enhances curb appeal and greatly improves energy efficiency thereby minimizing your heating and air conditioning costs.

Signs you Need A Roof Replacement

Signs You Need a New Roof

Age is an important factor as all roofs will eventually wear out and fail. Know the expected lifespan of your roofing material and schedule roof replacement before reaching that mark. There’s an old industry adage that it’s better to replace a roof a year too early than a day too late. You should have your roof professionally inspected on an annual basis. You should also perform routine inspections yourself from the ground. Look for shingles that are damaged, loose, or missing or which have lost their granules. Look for flashing that is damaged, loose, missing, or rusted. Ensure that your gutters are intact, are allowing for adequate water flow, and do not have orange specks, which suggest rust. You should also not ignore dark streaks or any moss, algae, or fungal growth as those issues typically indicate that you have a moisture problem.


We know your roof is one of the largest aspects of your home’s appearance, and with our wide variety of shingle colors, shapes, and sizes, we can help you create a look that adds character and charm. Whether you’re looking for added depth, a dimensional appeal, or more sophistication, our classic, luxury, or architectural shingles can help you get the look you want while increasing your resale value.

Roof Replacement Shingles

Architectural Shingles

Most homeowners choose architectural shingles over traditional three-tab asphalt shingles for their roof replacement. While they do cost more upfront, architectural shingles provide a lower total cost of ownership as they last upward of 30 years. Their thickness is integral to superior durability and longevity but also plays a key role in the aesthetics as it provides a dimensional look. You can also opt for architectural shingles that have a design that mimics other roof materials, such as cedar and slate.

Luxury Shingles

Luxury shingles are a popular choice for roof replacement. Your roofing is one of the defining characteristics of your home’s curb appeal, and luxury shingles give you many design options. They’re similar to architectural shingles in that they’re thicker, stronger, and more durable than traditional asphalt shingles, but they’re available in a much wider array of colors. Luxury shingles are also available in a variety of shapes, including rounded rectangles, trapezoids, and zigzags.

Cool Roof Technology Shingles

Your home’s roof is an integral component of its energy efficiency, and if your roof and attic get too hot, your home will be more challenging and expensive to cool. The roofing system will also wear down faster and likely not last as long as the estimated material lifespan. An effective solution to this problem is shingles made with cool roof technology. They’re designed to reflect heat and are available in a wide range of lighter colors and may even make you eligible for an energy tax credit.


Homeowners in Centerville VA have trusted P.D.S Home Improvements for roof replacement for over 20 years, and we welcome the opportunity to earn your loyalty too. Call us today at (571) 634-1126 or contact us to schedule a free roof replacement consultation or with any questions about our services.