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Seal Coating

Seal Coating

Asphalt Repair and Sealcoating Centerville VA

If your old asphalt driveway is looking worn down or has faded in color, why not get a free estimate for repairing and seal coating the finish on the driveway.

We can carry out patching and asphalt repairs before we apply the seal coating. If you properly maintain your asphalt, you will avoid costly repairs or even the replacement of your driveway.

Many factors contribute to the deterioration of asphalt, such as sun exposure, water erosion, oxidation, chemicals, freeze-thaw cycles and traffic.

Asphalt Restoration Services

Seal coating a driveway in New Jersey

Our seal coating specialists company applies all seal coat emulsions by hand to the surface of the pavement. This application, as opposed to “spray-on” applications, goes on thicker and therefore lasts longer.

As one of the leading seal coat contractors in Centerville VA, we undertake all types of remedial work for asphalt including patching, asphalt repairs and resurfacing.

Our service area for seal coating includes Nutley and the whole of essex county in Centerville VA.

Our most common requested services for our contractors include: –

If the driveway cannot be correctly seal coat finished to a high standard, our driveway contractors in Centerville VA provide options for driveway paving in Centerville VA and installing concrete driveways.

Call P.D.S Home Improvements on (571) 634-1126 for a free no-obligation estimate on seal coating driveways in Centerville VA.