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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving

Driveway Paving & Sealing in Centerville VA

Your driveway plays a significant role in the overall appearance of your home. Asphalt driveway paving ensures that your driveway looks its best. Centerville VA, based P.D.S Home Improvements is here to help if you are in the market for asphalt driveway paving.

Commercial & Residential Driveway Paving Services in Centerville VA
It’s not difficult to find driveway and paving services, but what is challenging is finding an asphalt paving in Centerville VA that you can be sure will be completed to the highest possible standards.

At P.D.S Home Improvements, we have more than 20 years of experience with commercial and residential driveway paving, so you can be confident that your driveway will look great and provide the durability you require.

Driveway Sealing
Sealing your driveway is the best way to preserve its appearance and minimize maintenance and repairs. The proper sealant prevents water, vehicle fluids, and the sun from damaging your driveway. That means your asphalt driveway pavement will last longer and require fewer repairs than it would without a sealant.


Driveway Maintenance
Proper driveway paving means proper maintenance. New clients often ask us: how much maintenance is required for my driveway or parking lot? When asphalt is applied correctly and sealed, maintenance requirements are minimal. P.D.S Home Improvements is here to provide the routine maintenance you need to repair surface damage and prolong the life of your asphalt whether it’s in your home driveway or business parking lot.

Driveway Repair
Driveways can sometimes sustain damage from extreme heat, water, or wear and tear, even with regular maintenance. If your driveway requires repair, we have the expertise and experience to repair your asphalt driveway. Professional repairs will keep your driveway looking good and save you the cost of repaving your driveway.

New Driveway Installation
Are you building a new house, or do you need a new driveway for your home? Either way, we’re here to help. We work with you to determine which driveway will serve your needs and install it at an affordable price.

Driveway Overlay & Resurfacing
Has your driveway sustained enough wear and tear to require an overlay or resurfacing? P.D.S Home Improvements can take your existing driveway and give it a facelift, paving it to make it look as good as new for a fraction of the cost of installing a new driveway.

Benefits of Asphalt Driveway Paving

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is essential if you want to sell your home. If your home and driveway look good when potential buyers arrive, it increases the chances that they will make an offer and buy your house.


Preserving our natural resources is essential, and asphalt paving is an environmentally friendly option for your driveway. With low energy consumption and low emission of greenhouse gases, paving your driveway or parking lot with asphalt is the best eco-friendly solution around.


Less Expensive

Is asphalt affordable? The answer is yes! In most cases, asphalt paving is less expensive per square foot than concrete. If properly maintained, asphalt will last for years and require only routine maintenance.

Quick Installation

Asphalt paving can be completed far quicker than concrete. Asphalt paving can be completed in just a few hours instead of having workers in your driveway for two or three days. In addition, you can use your freshly paved driveway within 48 hours of the paving being completed, which means your inconvenience is kept to a bare minimum.

Weather Resistant

Asphalt paving is durable and weather resistant. As a result, you won’t need to worry about extreme heat or cold ruining your driveway. With proper maintenance, an asphalt paved driveway can last you a lifetime.

Trusted Asphalt Driveway Paving Contractor in Centerville VA

Our clients often ask us: How often should I seal or treat my asphalt driveway? We have the answers at P.D.S Home Improvements With professional paving, asphalt driving maintenance, and asphalt repairs, we are the last paving contractor in Centerville VA, you will ever need. Contact us today to get a free driveway paving estimate!